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New Creations for Mara Galeazzi


We're so excited to celebrate with you!

In May/June 2017 we will be presenting an up close and personal program where you will have the opportunity to See Mara and Tim developing new work.

New Creations for Mara Galeazzi' is the new program developed by Galeazzi and Podesta featuring the prowess of the star dancer herself supported by a cast of leading dancers from across the globe.

When Galeazzi takes the stage she attracts attention with almost physical force. She can raise an eyebrow and upstage a tempest. She can twitch a finger and play your emotions. 

"When we began developing the concept for this program, we wanted to create an offering that showed audiences Mara's incredible physical versatility and her range as an actress; this program seriously leaves you feeling like you've seen a dancer at her best," Podesta said. As Galeazzi emerges from the darkness in the opening moments in ‘New Creations for Mara Galeazzi’ you know you’re in for something special at first sight; her body, with its flexibility, slender frame, beautifully arched feet is so perfectly suited to this wonderfully diverse program which features Podesta’s instantly recognisable choreographic style.