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M&T In Motion is an artistically diverse company operating across numerous artistic services. We are a dance company operating across the world for festivals, performances, collaborations and private functions. We work within the realms of film, television, digital and print media as performers and content and marketing directors, assisting brands to develop artistic connections to their products. Through our Dance To Make A Difference Charity we work along side government and private organisations to present performances and outreach programs to offer assistance in anyway we can.

Our Culture Runner initiative functions as a funder to assist in the development and sustainability of new and existing arts projects as well as access to free studio space and gallery area where artists can create, present or discuss their artistic ambitions in a space which encourages artistic freedom.

And our vocational training and dance programs operate through Projection Dance School for young and aspiring dancers working toward a career in the performing arts.

Please feel free to contact us filling the form below with any enquiries and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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