At Projection Dance School, we are driven by our respect and appreciation for young people as thinkers with curious imaginations and makers of change. Art requires investigation, projects presenting challenges that inspire greater interest, depth and understanding. A dance education demands mastering of technique and skill development, we believe the teaching of these skills coupled with innovation, collaboration and leadership is essential to the foundation students need for long term artistic careers and personal fulfilment.

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A High Performance Approach

The Projection Dance School classical ballet system of training is taught with a Vaganova influence coupled with a clear focus on cross training principles to produce strong physiques with exceptional kinaesthetic clarity, purity of line and quality of movement. This integrative teaching approach enables the dancer to extend their physical facility while maintaining great emphasis on artistry and musicality. Our system of training has been developed to encompass a proactive approach to prevent injury whilst training and in performance phases. Regular reviews of injury prevention exercises and self-massage therapies are an integral part of programming to ensure continual progress & improvements are being accomplished.


Learning Environment

Projection Elite Performance Aspirant classes are capped at 14 students. By having a capped number of students per class allows us clear planning & organisation of the dancer's programming and commitments. Our approach to timetabling is not that dissimilar to that of an elite athlete, all components of training are tailored to each individual in the studio, this includes- 


• Planning of Pre-Season Training


• Planning of In-performance Training 


• Periodisation of strength & conditioning programs to allow for maximal performance at performance time. 


• Travel scheduling (jet lag, altitude difference etc.) 

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Progressive Teachers for Progressive Thinkers

Our teachers search for improvement is ongoing; a teachers development is not that different from that of a student. We all want to learn with energy, creativity, kindness and motivation, with this approach everyone can be excited by the prospect of coming to the studio everyday. Traditionally teaching of classical ballet is done with a very military style and while it is important to understand why this approach exists, it is more important to understand that just as the the technique has evolved so must the teaching.