Projection Dance School

Projection Dance School

At Projection Dance School, we are driven by our respect and appreciation for young people as thinkers with curious imaginations and makers of change. Art requires investigation, projects presenting challenges that inspire greater interest, depth and understanding. A dance education demands mastering of technique and skill development, we believe the teaching of these skills coupled with innovation, collaboration and leadership is essential to the foundation students need for long term artistic careers and personal fulfilment.

The Learning Environment 

Our teachers search for improvement is ongoing; a teachers development is not that different from that of a student. We all want to learn with energy, creativity, kindness and motivation, with this approach everyone can be excited by the prospect of coming to the studio everyday. Traditionally teaching of classical ballet is done with a very military style and while it is important to understand why this approach exists, it is more important to understand that just as the the technique has evolved so must the teaching. 

A Progressive Approach

The Projection Dance School classical ballet system of training is taught with a Vaganova influence coupled with a clear focus on cross training principles to produce strong physiques with exceptional kinaesthetic clarity, purity of line and quality of movement. This integrative teaching approach enables the dancer to extend their physical facility while maintaining great emphasis on artistry and musicality. Our system of training has been developed to encompass a proactive approach to prevent injury whilst training and in performance phases. Regular reviews of injury prevention exercises and self-massage therapies are an integral part of programming to ensure continual progress & improvements are being accomplished.


If you have made the decision to be a dancer then you need to know that where you train is as invested in your development as you are. As an  Aspirant you already have our attention and we plan on keeping that attention on you and you reaching your goals. Our class sizes are capped at 15 and through conversation and a progressive approach to your education, together we develop a pathway to help you become the best dancer you can be.

Elite Performance Aspirants programs focus on classical ballet, contemporary dance and cross training principles aligned with individualised conditioning programs to create healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Our Programs

We have three unique programs all focused on leading our Aspirants to a career in dance.

In Touch Aspirants

Our In-Touch program is designed specifically for dancers wanting to access Projection Dance School training methodology without having the ability to be onsite in our studios.


Pre-vocational training is the first building block that begins the process of developing a student's physique & intellectual approach to the life of a dancer.

Elite Performance Aspirants

Full-Time vocational training providing dancers with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to make the step in to the professional industry.

Projection Dance Junior Artists

A transitional company where young artists work along side professional artists from around the world to experience learning professional repertoire and perform across multiple cities.

Our Graduates

Projection Dance School graduates are currently performing all over the world. Our students have competed in numerous national and international ballet competitions including finalists in the Youth American Grand Prix, McDonalds Performing Arts Challenge and the Alana Haines Awards where scholarships have been offered to leading schools in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, New Zealand, London, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia and Florida.  

Our students upon graduation have gone straight in to professional employment.

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Projection Dance School Graduate: Amia Mason

Projection Dance School Graduate: Amia Mason