Projection Life

Projection Life symbolises choice… We all in some capacity have a choice about the direction our life takes. Are you a thrill seeker, a go getter? Are you content to take each day as it comes? Do you feel like you want more? The decision comes down to whether you make the choice to move or not. There is no doubt that part of life’s expectations come from experiencing the journey, Projection Life looks two, three, four steps ahead and moves you in the direction to catch up now to where you just realised you wanted to be sometime ago.

This is achieved through Physical Movement, moving your body to have the physical strength of self. Mind Movement, moving your mind in to a position of conscious strength. And Empathetic Movement, positioning your whole self to be aware of others. So whether the gains you are searching for are high performance in strength and conditioning, work and business or subtle and personal through health and wellbeing Projection Life will help you Reach YOUR Peak.


What is Projection Life


Projection Ambassador, Ballet Star & Model, Zoe Cavedon talks about Projection Life and how she uses the Projection Life approach to her busy lifestyle and how it helps her in the never ending pursuit to achieve balance in all aspects of life.

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Getting the human race moving


Projection team member, India Stewart talks with us about the importance of keeping our bodies moving and the benefits that movement has on our overall health and wellbeing and how Projection are working to get people moving all over the world.

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It’s a choice


Director Tim Podesta discusses how life’s goals always comes with a choice that will lead to an outcome and that the outcome is not the most important part, but the choice you had at the beginning that is exciting.

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