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Dance To Make A Difference is an initiative developed by Projection Dance where dance is utilised to create positive pathways to self empowerment, holistic and health benefits, sustainable models of education to professional training systems and socio-economic shifts in communities across the world. Dance To Make A Difference continues to make dance accessible to more and more people, going as far as developing links to other nations through cross cultural appreciation and exchanges with the outcomes proving that art can still have a huge impact in the world. With the support of government agencies and private enterprise our current projects are being developed in regions of Africa, South America and Mexico challenging the standard conceptions of dance and art and showing the transformative power of movement for people of all ages and backgrounds. Founder and Director of Dance To Make Difference, Tim Podesta has engaged with communities across the world and has said “I have seen the impact dance can have beyond its entertainment value. Dance can help develop independence, restore a sense of self worth and offer stability to individuals and communities whose lives require an alternative approach when searching for a purpose or a reason to exist.”

Dance To Make A Difference is always looking for supporters- Individuals, business and government to assist in the development and implementation of our programs across the world. If would like to know more about our projects or how you can get on board and contribute to our vision please contact our Project Manager, Kaitlyn McConnell for details.

Kaitlyn McConnell: